I was driving home from work this evening listening to the Triple J news radio program, Hack, hosted by ‘award winning Australian journalist’ Sophie McNeill. Sophie made a name for herself when she was 15 years old when she travelled alone to the newly independent nation of East Timor to make a self-funded documentary about the crippling health crisis in that country. She won a West Australian Young Person of the Year award for it and ended up as a regular reporter on the highly regarded SBS news program Dateline for several years.

She’s been awarded ‘Young Journalist of the Year’ twice and even won a Walkley Award for a story she did for Dateline about the deaths of six Afghans at the hands of Australian Special Forces soldiers. She’s lived and reported from countries as varied as Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Thailand and Mexico and at 27, you could rightly assume that she’s only just started her already highly decorated journalistic career.

Woopee fucking do…

Tonight I listened to her with an increasing level of frustration as she hopelessly bumbled her way through a series of blatantly leading radio crosses to clueless mining industry workers and their partners with all the professionalism of a 10 year-old child clumsily dubbing their voice onto a cassette tape in their living room while their parents are at a neighbours place. The name ‘Hack’ couldn’t be a more apt slogan for this horrendous cavalcade of mediocrity masquerading as insightful news reporting. She had absolutely no idea about the subject at hand and because of this had no direction for the program or pointed questions to ask her guests, resulting in a series of jilted and disjointed segments with no discernible narrative of any kind. I want to know who decided to give this woman a radio program when she sounds like an 11 year old boy with a mild speech impediment. She’s about as articulate as Stephen Hawking without the use of his natty little keyboard. Fucking pitiful.

The topic in discussion tonight was the recent yearly profit announcement by colossal mining corporation BHP Billiton, which was down roughly a third on last years’ result (but still larger than the profit of any other corporation in Australia at $15.4 billion) Now, you’d have to have had your head in the sand for the last couple of weeks to not been exposed to one of one hundred news stories currently doing the rounds about the apparent imminent end of the mining boom in Australia, a story perpetuated willingly and incorrectly by the fear-mongering media masses despite there being a multitude of evidence to dispute this assertion.

“I buried Sophie McNeill’s credibility over there…”

Even Tony Abbott has tried to utilise the profit announcement in his undying quest to politically assassinate Julia Gillard, blaming BHP’s decision to defer their initiation of works at their Olympic Dam site for at least 12 months on the Gillard Governments’ introduction of the Carbon Tax. This, despite the fact that Olympic Dam’s minerals are not affected by the mining tax, which only applies to profits from iron ore and coal sales. (As an aside, all Tony Abbott would have to do to win the next election from a hapless, toothless Labor Government is shut his stupid fucking mouth and not speak a word until the election, but he simply can’t help himself. He may be a Rhodes Scholar, but he is also a babbling, moronic fucking idiot.)

Despite the quickly escalating sense of uncontrollable hysteria currently enveloping the Australian population, I’m pretty confident that the mining industry will continue to make significant profits in the next few years despite falling commodity prices & increasing costs. In fact, the word from those in the know is that now is a better time than ever to invest in resource stocks, as demand for iron ore historically increases in the latter part of each year and falling commodity prices actually decrease supply due to overseas mining companies having higher costs to produce than their Australian counterparts, meaning that they cease operation if the ore price drops too low. I’ll have a tasty buy-and-hold capital gain with a side of 11% yearly dividend payments, thanks.

Or you could listen to a bunch of fucking hacks…

/end communication