I’m so fucking sick of Twitter’s invasion of legacy news services and the increasing onus that news outlets are placing on social media. I don’t want to open up The Age or The Australian and read an article about what someone said on Twitter and the resultant reaction from their tweet, regardless of how revelatory in may seem. I do, however, expect it from The Herald Sun, which is one of the biggest shit-rags I’ve ever read, not even worthy of wrapping an oily bit of 2 day-old cod in. I remember someone referring to The Herald Sun deprecatingly one day as, “The mum and dad paper”, inferring that idiotic white-bread eating suburban fuckheads derive their news solely from it. The inference couldn’t be any more spot on. It’s basically just a conduit for fucking imbeciles to be spoon-fed the selective dot points on current affairs that (clearly) bear no significance on their lives (like the European debt crisis & the Chinese economic situation), whilst ensuring that they are kept up to date with the important aspects of Melbourne life, such as latest social movements of the cast of Home & Away and AFL players.

Twitter isn’t important. It didn’t exist a few years ago and we got by. If it were to cease to exist today the world would continue to turn. Anything you can say in 140 characters or less really isn’t worth saying in the first place, unless it’s something like, “There’s a half-burnt dead clown with a bloody arse in the fireplace, don’t ask.”

Oh and do people take comments written on Twitter to heart or what? I’ve already spoken about our Olympic athletes and their almost symbiotic relationships with their mobile phones during the London games, as they constantly Twittered (which incidentally is recognised on Word 2010 as a word, kill me now, ‘Twittered’ is not a FUCKING verb) their every thought to a willing media and public.

They had a good old sook when they copped a bit of flak the other way though, didn’t they?

Then there’s the case of 46 year-old television host Charlotte Dawson, who was admitted to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney in the early hours of this morning (presumably due to attempted suicide although this hasn’t been specifically reported) after a sustained and vitriolic social-media onslaught from a number of anonymous Twitter users following her appearances on The Project (don’t get me fucking started) and A Current Affair (I’ll save you for later, you bottom-shelf societal shit-bucket) to talk about cyber-bullying (wanna cyber… bully?)

The targeted attack erupted on Dawson in the wake of her tracking down and shaming Tanya Heti, a mentor from Monash University who had sent an abusive message in the days prior who subsequently was suspended from her role. Dawson clearly doesn’t believe in the ‘turn the other cheek’ philosophy and is known for attacking ‘trolls’ (a term for online bully) head-on, often with offensive taunts of her own, a tactic that has clearly backfired (considering she tried to kill herself today…)

Backers of Dawson have come out against some commentators who’ve simply called for celebrities (and others) to ignore derogatory messages on their Twitter feeds. People argue that simply ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. They’re wrong. These attention-whoring fucktards are probably drowning in their own ectoplasm right now over the furore that they’ve created in 140 characters or less on Dawson’s wall. If the media were simply to ignore these stories, these anonymous twats have nothing to gain by tearing down a tall poppy on social media.

I’m not condoning people that target others on Twitter. There’s nothing more gutless than someone who derives gratitude from heaping insults on another person with the shield of anonymity as a crutch. Indeed, it’s a pretty awful situation with Dawson and I’m sure the same (or worse) has occurred countless times since this form of media became so prevalent in our society, albeit not to an attractive older woman (and therefore not as newsworthy).

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