The Sun has well and truly been shining on Melbourne the last couple of days. It’s amazing what a bit of Vitamin D can do to the human body; people seem to be behaving generally more pleasantly toward each other now that we have put the rigours of another winter behind us. It also makes me feel guilty if I don’t do any exercise (a good thing). In addition, everyone looks about 10% more attractive in the Sun. Perhaps all the high-cheekboners are cryogenically frozen for the winter and locked away in some sort of storage facility, only to be thawed out for the more tepid months of the year?  One of life’s mysteries, I guess…

The ‘commish hit $1350 yesterday with another $50 pledge from an avid reader… there’s a legitimate chance that I’ll be so pissed at The Falls Festival this year that I might actually go into the future…

Something came across my desk several days ago (note the inference to me having a news desk and someone actually delivering a potential story to it? None of that actually happened…) regarding American comedian Daniel Tosh and the furore surrounding a series of jokes that he made at a recent stand-up gig, predominantly relating to a his comments that rape is always funny.

An audience member yelled out “Actually, rape jokes are never funny!” to which Tosh responded, “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like, five guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just raped her?”

Daniel Tosh – A comedian that tells jokes that some people don’t find funny. Oh no…

The audience member who had initially made the comment then proceeded to hightail it out of the club with her friend, later stating that she felt, ‘threatened’ and ‘viscerally terrified’ by Tosh’s comments. This came to the fore when a blog post written by her friend (but supposedly in her own words) regarding the event went viral. Read that post here.

(By the way, the name of that bitch’s tumblr account is ‘Cookies For Breakfast’. I’d happily put her down with a pressurized bolt to the head like a cow in a slaughterhouse for that atrocity alone).

She went to The Laugh Factory, a well-established comedy club known for having high-profile comedians (such as that douchebag Dane Cook) on, Her assertion that she had never heard of Tosh, a fairly well-known Comedy Central television host and stand-up comedian, is curious to begin with. That this clearly incredibly fragile woman took Tosh’s undoubtedly preposterous comments seriously is downright bizarre.

Of course rape is bad. Does he legitimately think that a woman being gang-raped is funny? Of course he fucking doesn’t, he’s a comedian trying to get a laugh. Daniel Tosh has basically carved a niche for himself in the industry by taking the most awful of subjects and making them funny. This woman may claim that she was speaking out against the ill-will of a callous stage performer, but all she was actually doing was heckling a comedian on stage midway through a set by inferring that he wasn’t funny. Tosh responded as most comedians would; he used the fact that he was the one on the stage with the microphone and the captive audience and he verbally set that moronic bitch on fire.

Of course, her blog post has been supported by rape victims and others sympathetic to her ridiculous comments, who’ve bound together in solidarity to publicly decry the conduct of Tosh and his hurtful ‘tirade’. They’re all missing the fucking point. Tosh wasn’t cheapening the harrowing experiences of rape victims in his outburst; he was merely putting a heckler in her place.

By the way, Tosh isn’t the only comedian to take a taboo subject and make like of it; Jewish comedy icon Mel Brooks famously made a slapstick character and rap artist out of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Rape is bad, but surely no worse than the horrific genocide of millions of Jews? I can’t seem to find any blog posts denouncing the conduct of Brooks though… how strange!

A word to the wise; if you’re easily upset, don’t got to comedy clubs. In fact, don’t go anywhere, because chances are you’ll burst into tears at least twice a day when someone inadvertently offends your moral sensibilities and your astounding sense of self-righteousness.

Oh, and if you’ve been raped, don’t go to a Daniel Tosh gig…

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