There have been quite a few messages coming through to my phone & via Facebook today regarding the post I wrote last night about my hatred for the Vespa riders of Australia; clearly I’ve inadvertently mined a rich vein of silent yet popular opinion and have discovered that everyone else thinks they’re douchebags. Glad that I’m in good company… Kudos.

Fuck, I don’t mean to continue to harp on about the mountains of heinous shit I see on Facebook, but it’s such a constant source of frustration for me that I can’t help but ‘go back to the well’ repeatedly with my own harrowing tales from the rapidly collapsing Australian societal crypt. It’s like being hurriedly herded past a graphic roadside motor-vehicle accident by a tired policeman at 2 a.m. in the morning, unable to look away despite the truly traumatic scene laid out in front of you like some sort of twisted nativity scene.

Proving that overtly public displays of nationalism are just a more socially acceptable way to exhibit your own blatant xenophobia, the Facebook Page ‘You’re not Aussie if you don’t like this page’ is most definitely one of the most fucked things I’ve ever seen not get immediately pulled down on Facebook. It has a staggering 44,000-odd ‘likes’.

I can only imagine the reactions of the people that have ‘liked’ this page to the recent riots in Sydney that were sparked by the short film ‘Innocence of Muslims’, which, incidentally was created by an Egyptian-American living in California and has absolutely nothing to do with Australia. It’s also important to note that this film is one of the biggest shitpiles of all time and I wouldn’t piss on it if it were burning. It’s basically just a series of disjointed scenes cobbled together with the film’s sole purpose appearing to be to take potshots at the Muslim faith. It’s fucking stupid.

Speaking of stupid, refer to the below illustration of several other religious icons having a good old-fashioned holy fuck fest with each other. This image won’t incite any foreign diplomatic assassinations or riotous behaviour as the prophet Muhammad is not depicted.

Talk about a double standard…

The reaction from elements of the Muslim community in Sydney on Saturday will only serve to reinforce Muslim stereotypes amongst the racist Australian masses – there’s sure to be a runout on ‘Fuck off we’re full’ t-shirts in the next couple of weeks, such has been the patriotic public backlash to the violence from the weekend. You see, such actions by a few fundamentalists have huge ramifications for the way in which a large portion of Australia now views the rest of the Australian Muslim community, as unfair stereotypes are not only reinforced, but entrenched.

While it’s easy to argue that every religion has its fanatical element, it’s the way in which these fanatical elements interact with society that often forms the basis of wider public opinion of that religious group, whether justified or not. Here’s a quick comparison between two different faiths’ more die-hard (excuse the pun… cough) elements through the eyes of the bigoted layman;

1)      Fundamentalist Mormons – Have a tendency to take a few too many wives (at once) and love to dress up in natty little black suits matched with short-sleeved, superbly pressed white shirts and offer to tell you about Jesus at 10am on a Saturday morning when you’re lying in bed trying to recover from doing things that they would consider sins the night before. Have been known to mow lawns for iced-tea.

2)      Islamic Fundamentalists – Have a tendency to behead people for dancing and playing music, like to hijack aircraft and fly them into buildings, run into subways with bombs strapped to themselves and commit suicide while trying to take out as many innocent bystanders as possible.

/end communication