I’ve got a mind to bust out the next 400 words in record time. This is one of the days that having to write this fucking thing is a real drain on my life. It’s actually preventing me from going 800 metres down the road to my mates’ place and getting copious amounts of froffies into my gullet. Disheartening…

One of my housemates went down the road this morning to fetch a few coffees and a couple of bacon & egg muffins in my car. He was laughing his arse off when he walked back in the door and I had absolutely no idea why. I asked what he was giggling like a 10 year-old schoolgirl at a Jonas Brothers concert for…

“I didn’t realise that you were part of the CFMEU Casey?”

I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about, at which stage he suggested that I go and have a look at the rear window on my car.

I couldn’t fucking believe my eyes…

You’ve got to be fucking kidding.

Someone had put a massive CFMEU sticker with the tagline, ‘We Built This City’ and a fucking disgusting Southern Cross in the bottom right-hand corner on my car. Yes, CFMEU, the same bunch of fuckwits that created havoc in the Melbourne CBD earlier this month with their ludicrous stop-work action (because Grocon actually wanted to run their business and turn a profit instead of being bent over the barrel and sodomised by union heavies – aka fuckwits such as John Setka.)

I have absolutely no idea how long the sticker has been on there for either, which means that I potentially have been driving around with it on my car for the last week (it definitely wasn’t there when I cleaned it last week but I haven’t checked since). This means that people have most likely been pulling up to my car and shaking their heads with disappointment. I’ve got Tassie plates too, so I’d imagine the reaction of a stranger to be the following…

“Look at this fucking joker from Tassie – he’s part of the CFMEU – clearly an idiotic hick, lets fucking tailgate him.”

I love their tagline, ‘We Built This City’.

Woopee fucking do, you get paid to build shit. You don’t provide the finance, the planning permits, the raw materials or anything else. All you and your cuntish mates do is hammer a few nails in and we’re meant to be perpetually indebted to you? Give me a fucking break.

Doctors don’t drive around with union stickers on their cars that say,

“I saved your grandpa”.

Fuck off.

/end communication