Well, well, well Lance Armstrong. It appears now that you’ve definitely been a very naughty boy for a very long period of time! It still blows my mind that some people continue to support your unbelievable claims of innocence by running this tired old line;

“But just remember guys, he has never once tested positive for blood doping/steroids/EPO in all the time that he has ridden in le Tour de France. You can’t say that he’s guilty when you have no proof! He’s just the victim of a USADA witch hunt.”

Well, may I draw a comparison to another former champion who never once tested positive to a banned substance despite clearly being as guilty as sin? Marion Jones, former 5-time Olympic gold medallist never once tested positive for using performance enhancing drugs whilst competing. Her ex-husband, C. J. Hunter, had been found guilty of using performance enhancing steroid Nanaldrone in 2000 and later stated that he had seen Jones injecting herself in the stomach with performance enhancers while in the Sydney Olympic Village in the same year. The next partner that Jones decided to shack up with was former champion US sprinter Tim Montgomery, who also ended up being charged by USADA (the same guys putting Armstrong to the sword at the minute) of taking steroids and in 2005 was stripped of all medals and titles by the Court of Arbitration & Sport (back to March 30, 2001).

Tower of Power – dealing drugs, but not the types you might think…

So, with Jones there was smoke, but not yet fire. It was clear that she was often around other individuals who were clearly guilty of doping, but she continued to stick to her guns, claiming her outright innocence & denying the use of performance enhancers for a further two years. Throughout this turmoil, Jones not once tested positive for any type of performance enhancing drug. Only in 2007 under the ever-increasing weight of a Federal investigation into the activities of BALCO (the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative) and their leader, former Tower of Power bassist (I find this part of the story classic, Tower of Power kicked ass – check out this film clip) Victor Conte, did Jones finally manage get clear of her lies at own up to her drug use (which is ironic considering one of BALCOs ‘designer steroids’ (which were at that stage completely undetectable by the drug-testing methods available at the time) was nicknamed ‘The Clear’.

This situation is very similar to the Armstrong fiasco playing out in the public eye at the moment. There’s an athlete who has never tested positive to a performance enhancing drug and vehemently denies having ever taken them. This is contrasted by an ever-burgeoning body of evidence pointing to the contrary. I wonder… how long can Lance hold out?

PS: Using the line, “I’ve read all of his books and there’s absolutely no way that he’s guilty,” is not an appropriate defence, in court or in general conversation, you twat.

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