Fucking hell. I really don’t want to be writing this today. The Sun is out, I’ve got a newly built bar in my backyard with $80 worth of ice and a significant amount of Boags Draught in it and a party starting in an hour that I’m probably going to miss the start of because of this horseshit bet. It’s the thought of the prize at the end that is keeping me going, for now…

Melbourne traffic can go and fuck itself. Today, on a weekend, it took me 35 minutes to travel 4 kilometres. Traffic stood still in several areas for more than 5 minutes. I sat behind the wheel of my shitty old Honda, the air-conditioning doing its best to cool my temper (to no avail) as the mass of vehicles slowly crawled down the road. A newborn child could crawl faster than I moved in my car today.

Saw a Tom Waterhouse ad earlier today. There’s a guy with a punchable face… seriously, that advertisement where he says, “I don’t know how they take the big grabs… yadda yadda yadda” is one of the worst ads I’ve ever seen. I keep wishing that one of the horses that runs past him would get spooked and put one of their hooves through his skull.

It’s easy to hate a guy like Waterhouse; young & rich, he was always going to be well set up by the fortune amassed by Gai Waterhouse & the rest of the Waterhouse clan. It’s that he makes his money in gambling that makes him even easier to despise… Waterhouse is known to take the big-money bets that no other bookie will take, and has made and lost millions in a day using this tactic. One would imagine, given the occupations held by the rest of his family, that Waterhouse would have a line-in to some of the best insider information in the business. No doubt, he is using that to his advantage.

What I can’t believe is that the gambling industry has exploded as quickly and as ferociously as it has; you can’t turn on the television without seeing Samuel L. Jackson flogging Bet365, or some jerk from Sportsbet telling you that you should put some money on the game to get more enjoyment out of it. I’m sure that this is fine for most of us, who know how to gamble responsibly, but I’m sure we’ve all heard stories of mates or acquaintances that love the ‘odd flutter’ a little more than they potentially should.

The whole gambling thing seems to be becoming a little too ubiquitous for my liking. The worst part is that it’s only going to get worse…

/end communication