I’ve waited long enough. This is the post I’ve wanted to write since day one of this sordid endeavour, as I believe this particular person epitomises everything that’s wrong with the media, the undying, everlasting cult of pointless celebrity and, more widely, a large proportion of the population of Earth.

Kim Kardashian.

You sex-tape leaking, sham-marriage having, Kayne West-ruining, QuickTrim hocking, talentless, hopeless, hapless, soulless ‘women identify with my body’ reality-TV whore.

I hope you die. I don’t say that purely to be derogatory or inflammatory; I say it because it’s necessary for the plight of mankind as a whole. Kim, I see you as a gigantic malignant tumour clinging to the side of the world that threatens to remove any sense of class or common decency that the people of Earth currently possess. You must be cut out. Your life must end, you must expire.

“Noooooo, I’m not on the cover of OK! magazine this week..”

Kim burst onto the scene in 2007 when an explicit homemade video of her ‘making love’ with ‘Ray J’, her ex-boyfriend and supposedly a singer was released via Vivid Entertainment, a porn site. Kardashian attempted to sue Vivid Entertainment (who had bought the rights to the video for $1 million), eventually settling out of court for $5 million. There are some whispers that the release of the tape (made some 4 years earlier) was a deliberate move on behalf of Kardashian and her mother in order to get Kim’s name into the public arena.

After all, Kim had been hanging out with another female whose fame had skyrocketed after the release of a similar sex-tape (Paris Hilton). The stars were in alignment for Kardashian to announce herself to the baying braindead masses via grainy explicit footage of her copping it like a starfish. Her mom (spelt the American way on purpose) was apparently an architect in the release of the footage.

Talk about prostituting your daughter…

To be honest, the fact that I’m even writing words about this talentless whore makes me incredibly sad. She has achieved nothing in life other than having a stepfather who won a gold medal in the Decathlon at the Olympics in the 70s, a biological father who once held a bag for O.J. Simpson which may or may not have had the bloodied clothes he wore while killing his wife & a mother with an innate ability to spit out children with the same level of rapidity as a common field mouse.

Actually, she has achieved something… she’s managed to dupe millions of clearly idiotic fuckheads around the world into giving two shits about who she’s fucking, what she’s wearing, what she’s selling & what she and the rest of her K-heavy douchebag family are doing. I can’t blame her for that, I can only blame humanity for buying into the lie.

Kim Kardiashian, you are the worst person of all time.

You are the worst person of all time.

You are the worst person of all time.

You are the worst person of all time.

You are the worst person of all time.

You are the worst person of all time.

You are the worst person of all time.


/end communication