One thing I love about living in Melbourne is being able to go and see decent bands play live on pretty much any day of the week. It’s basically guaranteed that something pretty good will be happening somewhere in the city, regardless of what day it is. Living in Tasmania for 25 years of my life meant that I was starved of the ability to go and see a touring band on a whim (unless said touring band was Grinspoon, The Living End or British India, all of whom seemed to be touring Tasmania in perpetuity in my youth) mid-week. For a Tasmanian, often the act of going to see a band live involves purchasing flights & accommodation to Melbourne and costs a fucking arm and a leg (as well as being a gigantic pain in the ass). This meant that I didn’t do it that often growing up, save for big music festivals and bands that I really wanted to see. I felt neglected (as we all do down there, like the ugly child that doesn’t get molested at the Catholic school… “Why Father, why won’t you touch me? You touch all of the other little boys…”)

These days, it’s a 20 minute tram ride into town, making any gig proposition significantly cheaper & a fuck-ton less frustrating than the old Tassie days (I absolutely despise flying). This has resulted in me feasting on live music since I got over here like a bloodlust-ridden zombie in a gigantic abandoned cattle-yard, sinking my teeth in authoritatively and methodically, slowly wading through the myriad of options on offer.

Tonight, it’s 1990s Swedish hardcore punk outfit, Refused. Whilst I’m pretty stoked to check them out, I’m admittedly not the hugest fan of theirs (haven’t really listened to them all that much in the past). But hey, fuck it, it’s down the road so why not? I actually bought a mate’s ticket off him for a carton of beer (it cost him $70) because he’s out-of-state for work. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement (albeit more mutually beneficial for me). It’s just down the road at The Palace in town (I think) and beats watching Winners and Losers, or whatever other shitty television show is currently screening on free-to-air television.

I’m off now – I’m going to see how quickly I can drink a bottle of shitty corner-shop red wine. Wish me luck!

I’m going to be useless at work tomorrow.

/end communication