I’m sure that most of you have been exposed to the story about the French woman, who, on a bus ride back from that great Australian pastime (a day at the beach) was racially vilified, taunted, threatened with physical violence (a nice gentleman advised that he would cut her breasts off) and told to, “speak English or die, motherfucker” by a number of the hyper-retarded bogan fucks riding the bus between Mordialloc & Caulfield, purely for singing a song in her native tounge.

Before I even get into the ludicrousness of the whole situation, can I just say that if there’s an attractive French woman singing joyful nationalistic songs on Australian public transport in my general vicinity, the only thing I’m doing is quietly falling in love with her and daydreaming about us skipping through a sunny little field outside of Bordeaux carpeted in dandelions, hand-in-hand, while La vie en rose by Edith Piaf plays daintily in the background as if it’s playing just for us…

France… All the baguettes and elaborate cheese a man could ever wish for…

“Sorry darl, I’ll have to call you back, I’ve got someone I need to vilify.”

Anyway, back to reality. Is anyone actually surprised by this outburst? I’m sure that anyone who’s ridden a bus, a train, a tram or even ridden in a taxi (some cab drivers are the most racist cunts I’ve ever had the displeasure of being in the same vehicle as) will have been exposed to this type of behaviour at some point. It’s one of the unavoidable and unfortunate parts of everyday life. Sure, bringing it to light helps to illustrate that this sort of thing still occurs, but we’re all just a tad past the ‘discovery’ phase by now, aren’t we? The fact of the matter is that some people have shitty lives, and they need someone to blame. Why not the attractive French girl on the bus, singing a song in a language that you’ve never heard, can’t understand and are just plain afraid of?

The stories written about this incident are akin to an evangelical minister preaching to the already converted; the types of closed-minded, ignorant, culturally sheltered, drug-riddled, potentially previously sexually abused bogan fucks living in government funded properties aren’t sitting ponderously over their Home-Brand Coco-Pops knock-offs every morning, checking The Age website for breaking news on their iPads now, are they? Their behaviour is unlikely to be affected in any way by the massively over-inflated sense of public outrage reflected by The Age (and other publications). They’re too busy doing important things, like brekky bongs laced with low-grade speed, punching their de-facto repeatedly in the guts (cheaper than an abortion) and shouting at their partner’s kids (Dwayne, Wayne, Kane & Shayne) to, “go ta fuckin school or sumfin ya cunts, I wanna fuck ya mum in the arse while the brekky shows are on, I fuckin love Kochy”, to worry about ingesting any form of current affairs, local or international.

I prefer ABC News Breakfast…

Fuck you, Kochy.

/end communication