Nothing impresses me less than a professional in a small town crowing about how important they are while simultaneously passing judgement on other members of the community and generally acting like a cunt. Hell, I could move to a regional Tasmanian town and work as a financial planner (couldn’t think of anything worse, by the way, a retarded monkey could work as a financial planner, just buy him a suit and give him a questionable set of morals) but I’d much prefer to work in a region where people are actually in a position to compete with others in their field and aren’t judged solely on the occupation they hold (or the car that they drive).

Let’s set the record straight; just because you’re a lawyer/doctor/accountant/financial planner/whatever in a town clearly devoid of any sort of competition doesn’t give you the right to pass comment on anyone else in your community, regardless of whatever inflated sense of purpose you might harbour for yourself. In fact, some would say (I would fucking say!) that your decision to return to the town you grew up in to practice your trade is akin to taking the easy way out career-wise. Personally, I think it’s fucking pathetic – you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

You see, it’s not difficult to be a big fish in a small pond. Sure, you can go home, big note yourself, perhaps buy a few local properties & think you’re a big shot, but in the scheme of things, you’re nothing but a ratty little blip on the radar of the industry you purportedly work in. People won’t speak about you when you’re dead and gone. In fact, the only reason anyone even speaks about you while you’re alive is because they all hate you and your ludicrous rhetoric enough to spout your stupid fucking name.

We’ve all been exposed to these types of people; generally, they’re the types that end up on local councils, giving wet-kiss back-room handshake deals to equally rank local characters in order to solidify their own monopoly on local trade in the face of any kind of progress that might present itself. New commercial building developments? Forget it! Extended trading hours? You’ve got to be fucking kidding! These types will happily do anything to keep themselves at the top of a very small pile in a town finding itself increasingly up against the wall due to the consistent blocking of any type of change, for better or worse.

I’ll never go home. Ever.

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