Procrastination – it’s what drives me to wait until 11.30pm at night (every night) to write these things. I’m, unsure if it’s the added challenge of trying to cram the required work into as short a timeframe as possible or the avoidance of the familiar sense of dread associated with banging one of these bad boys out, but I seem to find myself waiting until the death-knell most nights.

I used to do it so much during Uni too. You could always tell if I had a test on or an assignment due by having a quick look at the cleanliness of my room & the lack of dirty washing, or by how clean my golf clubs were. Once, I even cut & polished my car to avoid doing study. Got a 52% on the test, and I could see my reflection in my bonnet of the faithful Honda. Result!

I guess the big reason for delaying the inevitable back then was that I really didn’t find Uni work that enjoyable or engaging… most of it was horseshit, to be truthfully honest, and I use about 2% of it in my actual job. I’m sure this is the same for most people. Plus, you have to deal with academia when you’re at University, which often consists of talking to a bunch of people who’ve never done anything in the real world, ever, fervently discussing the finer points of something as droll as Keynesian economics while furiously jacking each other off in a study room somewhere. What absolute fuckwits.

I remember attending an ‘Introduction to Logic’ (essentially an introduction to philosophy) class when I first started at University (I was studying Law & Information Systems at the time and this class was considered to give an insight into the logic of programming languages) and losing my mind at some of the downright fucking retards in attendance, trying to throw in  completely out-of-context quips about Plato & Nietzsche as if the whole class was a personal exercise in intellectual dick-measuring that they had to win. Of course, the individuals involved in these discussions had the oratorical & interpersonal skills of one of the monkeys that the Russians blasted into space, but do you think that stopped them?

Rhetorical question…  

Call me a jaded bastard, but I think it’s safe to bet that the great philosophers of the 21st century won’t have their origins in a philosophy classroom at the University of Tasmania.  

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