I got up at 6.30am this morning and played golf at Yan Yean (about 35kms from Melbourne) at a golf course called ‘Growling Frog’. I didn’t see or hear any growling frogs, which was a huge disappointment, but I did see about 50 kangaroos bouncing around, judging my golf game silently. I hit the ball incredibly poorly & the only thing I had to show for my efforts was a sunburn which set in about 3pm this afternoon, when mild heat-stroke (it wasn’t even a hot day, my pale skin just had a melt-down) set in, causing me to fall asleep for 4 hours and lose the remainder of my weekend.

Fucking brilliant…

It’d be remiss of me not to at least pass some form of comment on the recent shooting in the United States which has left 27 people dead. Yes, the United States has ridiculous gun laws (I’ve spoken about this before on bankingcommish), and yes, this means that when the doors finally fall off for a mentally unhinged person, the results are often devastating.

A few things;

–          If I have to read one more ‘motherhood statement’ status update from someone, usually starting with, “I don’t normally rant about this blah blah blah, but American gun laws blah blah blah, I’m appalled blah blah blah”, I’ll hunt the person responsible for the post down and stab them (ironically proving that mortal damage can be inflicted on a person without the need for a firearm).

–          Certain elements of society take great pleasure in grieving together. I don’t profess to understand it, but it frustrates the shit out of me.

–          Everyone is horrified by what occurred. Choosing social media to outwardly display your emotions on the topic does not make you more caring, more righteous or more societally responsible than the next person. Kids died. It’s awful. We get it, okay? Why don’t you just write, “God has 27 more little angels in Heaven now” like a proper fuckwit and be done with it?

The media has a huge case to answer for the way in which they handle criminal events such as this; their ‘from-all-angles’ coverage, including the back-stories of all the players involved, their families, their hobbies, the reasons for their descent into criminality etc. in some cases glorifies the acts committed by the perpetrator, adding the possibility of celebrity to the next potential offender’s already troubled mind.

The US media, largely sensationalist in nature, love covering the story of a mass murderer or a serial killer. The more horrifying the topic, the more guaranteed the stations responsible are of ‘killer’ ratings. It helps to have an attractive victim or perpetrator too. I’m sure Fox News (one of the worst culprits of this type of reporting) were rubbing their hands together with glee when word first came through of this attack, as sickening as that might seem…

Whilst Australians can have no impact on the American decision to change their gun laws (which incidentally will most likely never happen, due to the large numbers of Americans who are incredibly pro-gun & the dependence their economy has on arms sales, foreign and domestic), we can decide to stop consuming media that helps to reinforce the idea that everyone can have their 15 minutes of fame in America, either in front of a camera or behind a fully-loaded semi-automatic assault rifle.

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