Ahah! Sound the victory horns and roll out the red carpet; I’ve reached my final destination! Today marks the end of the line for me. 179 days later, bankingcommish comes to a close! For those of you who initially pledged money on the assumption that I’d never reach this point, I’ve got one thing to say to all of you…

“Nah naa na naaah naaah!”

Seriously though, no amount of money was really going to be enough for what ended up being basically a second job for me for the last 6 months. At some stages, I was spending more than 2-3 hours a night on posts due to insufferable writer’s block. It reminded me of the good old days when I was at university, leaving my assignments until the last minute and then scrambling to get them finished before deadline. Yes, it was like that, except for 6 months without a break. Suffice to say, it probably hasn’t been the best for my health, so my new year’s resolution will definitely entail not taking any further stupid bets that cause me to stay up to 12 midnight every night for half a year, drunk.

I feel it only fitting that the last post is written in my hometown of Devonport, a source of a huge amount of material for this blog. Devonport, a place where dangerously overweight couples lumber unsteadily, at an excruciatingly slow pace, into discount variety stores, hand in hand, creating foot-traffic-jams behind them. Devonport, a place where I just saw a bumper sticker that read, ‘If they are gunna call it tourist season, why the bloody hell can’t we shoot them then?’ Devonport, a place where there are more fried chicken take-away food outlets per standard city block than anywhere else in the world. Devonport, a place where a person is known by the type of vehicle they drive instead of the type of person they are e.g. “You know, Bazza, drives the yellow Gemini with the white racing stripe?”

Time to put myself back into a positive frame of mind for the New Year.

Before I go, some quick statistics:

Words written: Over 90,000 (more than an average thesis!)

Page Views: 13,642

Most viewed post: ‘South of the river’ (327 views)

Comments: 58

Countries reached (countries that have searched a term and landed on my site): 70

Most searched term to link to page: moustache (search term bankingcommish came in 3rd!)

Weirdest search term to link to BC page: ‘pissing cocks’

Funniest search term to link to a BC page: ‘foodie cunts’


Please ensure that, if you haven’t already paid (thank you to the number of you who already have), that you do so immediately. I waited 6 months for your money, don’t make me wait any longer…

Acc Name: Casey J Knight

Acc #:  1028 7998

BSB: 067 402

Amount: (Whatever you pledged)
Reference: Your name (and a crude word)


Thanks for reading. Goodbye.