There’s nothing more frustrating than organising a holiday 6 months in advance, paying for all of the accommodation, transfers, flights and activities in advance (at significant out of pocket expense to yourself), only to have some last-minute jizzrat pop up and manage to gently lube themselves into your holiday life…

“Oh, hey man, does your holiday villa have a couch? Do you mind if I crash on it for 37 nights without contributing to the cost of having booked it in any way?”

“Oh, do you mind if I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at your accommodation for the same period of time, without contributing to the cost of groceries and ignoring the large pile of dishes accumulating on the sink?”

These types of people might brand themselves as ‘children of the world’, whom live on a shoestring and justify their actions thus, but in reality, they’re just freeloading cunts who need to be smoked out in the same way you might smoke out termites from a rental property.

There’s no excuse for freeloading. Before now, today, or into the future, it’s a dog act, perpetuated by self-involved butt fucks who have no morality when it comes to the potential extension of their holiday at the expense (both literally and figuratively) of their friends. Sure, you might be spending $100 a night on the hotel room, but don’t expect a single cent out of these freeloading cunts. They’re too busy planning their next cut-price flight to a city that another friend lives in, so they can continue exploiting their surroundings like a Chinese fruit factory manager in Northern NSW.

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