I know you’re probably entitled to better working conditions and the recent change to a 24 hour timetable has most likely had a negative impact on your lives. I know that dealing with the government can at times feel like repeatedly banging your head against a brick wall with no immediate respite in sight. I know that the offer that the government has put forward is rather ordinary. However, can I ask you one thing?

Can you please not go on fucking strike when I’m in fucking London, you bunch of backsliding unionist cunts?

I mean seriously, the fucking audacity you have to negatively impact hundreds of thousands of other people, the majority of whom are also trying to travel to the jobs that you seem to have such little regard for, it’s frankly fucking astounding. I was headed to my friends on one of the last tubes today, and I wanted to spank every last one of you for being such ungrateful gits. People are now having to pay out hundreds of thousands of unnecessary pounds to get to work via taxis as a result of this.

I personally think that the government should just call the bluff of these striking workers, freeze them out and hire replacements. That’ll teach them to fuck with everyone’s afternoons.

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